Choose from four different external probe options including

Our standard range of probes are manufactured from 5mm or 3/16th inch O/D (outside diameter) 316 food grade stainless steel. The insertable depth of these probes is 100mm or 4 inches for both the right angle Bent and Straight types. As an option to the standard Stainless steel finish on probes we can supply PTFE Teflon coated probes. See the bent probe to the left for an example. The Teflon coating on the probes does not affect the response time of the probe. A noticable advantage when using Teflon coated probes is the ease of removal from product due to the non stick properties of Teflon. Temprecord Stainless steel probes have a 2 ½ minute time constant which means it takes only 2 ½ minutes for the entire probe to stabilise to the temperature of interest (recording enviroment).
Temperature range of probe: -50º C to +110º C or -58º F to +230º F

The original non stick Teflon probe was designed by MIRINZ to be used on the surface of chilled meat to calculate PHI ( Process Hygiene index ) values. Process Hygiene index values are calculated and displayed in the statistical section of Temprecord for Windows software. A detailed explanation on how to apply PHI values is given on pages 40 to 45 in the Temprecord for Windows user manual and also in the help file of Temprecord for Windows software. Temprecord has improved on the original MIRINZ design of the Teflon probe, this has produced a more robust probe through the use of practical design and efficient manufacturing methods.

Temperature range of the probe is: -50º C to +110º C or -58º F to +230º F. The Teflon probe has a total length of 130mm or 5¼ inches and a insertable depth of 100mm or 4 inches.

Supercool probes are manufactured with a specialized glass encapsulated temperature (YSI) Sensor that enhances the capability of Temprecord loggers at the lower end of the temperature operating range. The temperature range that can be recorded by a logger fitted with either a straight or bent Supercool probe is : -80º C to +110º C or -112º F to +230º F

The dimensions of Supercool probes are the same as our standard stainless steel probes i.e. 5mm or 3/16" O/D 316 food grade SS. The PTFE Teflon coated probe option is also available for Supercool probes.

It is important to note that if you intend to record very low temperatures, then place only the probe into the cold enviroment, if the enviroment temperature will exceed the minimum operating temperature of the battery powering the logger. For this reason we can supply the probe cables from 300mm to 10 meters (12 inches to 32.8 Feet) long.

Serial RS-232 or USB Connectivity options available

Check Data Logger status using Temprecord for Windows (TRW) Application Software. 
Read and/or program your Temprecord Data Logger information using TRW.
View detailed Summary, Values, Statistics or Graph connection to Logger.
Start, stop, reuse or program Data Logger using TRW.
Save data file to PC, Network Drive or WEB Server.
Export to MS Excel – part or all samples.
Optically isolated interface to Logger – no physical connection to Logger.
Compatible with V2.13 or earlier Firmware or new Hi-Speed V2.14 Firmware Loggers.
Temprecord for Windows (TRW) Software providedon CD with every Reader. 
TRW Software downloadable FREE from Temprecord website:
Earlier version of TRW for DOS and Windows 95/98 OS available.
Compatible with Windows 2000/NT, Windows XP,Vista or Windows 7.


Parameter Specifications

Case Protection                                     IP40 Rated Protection
Warranty Period                                    12 months from date of purchase
Dimensions                                             94 x 160 x 24mm (3.7 x 6.3 x 0.9 inches)
Weight                                                      200 grams (7.05 ounces)
Case Colour                                            Grey

Full Logger functionality access using Temprecord for Windows Application Software

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