Temprecord Active Display (TAD) is a revolutionary real-time temperature and humidity monitoring system from Temprecord International. At the heart of TAD is Temprecord’s Scientific multi-use recorder – calibrated and supplied with a traceable calibration certificate to international ISO17025 standards. Combined with the latest design in Temprecord’s recording, reporting and communications software,

TAD features include:

• User programmed alarm preferences
• Monitoring and reporting options
• Step-down alarm features and options
• Fail-safe backup and lost data refresh
• ISO17025 standards and effortless recalibration program
• Hardware and software options

TAD’s uniqueness is its simplicity. Temprecord Active Display utilizes a data recorder that not only communicates with the TAD network linked software, it also stores all information as a backup.

Temprecord’s internationally recognized ISO17025 accredited calibration techniques support a 3-point calibration program. Specific Temprecord recorders are calibrated and adjusted at -15oC, 0oC and +40oC. Our computer-assisted laboratory methods are unique to Temprecord and give our specified recorders an accuracy level within +/- 0.2oC, +/- 0.36oF with a high degree of precision for temperatures inside the range of
 -20oC to +50oC, -4oF to +140oF. Single point calibrations to specific temperatures may also be performed on probe recorders for maximum temperature accuracy for specific applications

The Temprecord ISO17025 accredited recalibration program allows clients to meet calibration auditing requirements without TAD downtime.

Temprecord send replacement Data recorders in keeping with a client’s planned recalibration program. Clients install recalibrated recorders and return expired recorders to Temprecord’s calibration laboratory to complete the cycle.

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