Applications  - 
Monitoring of RH and/or temperature sensitive products or equipment in storage, laboratories, production processes or transit. Uses include analysis of weight loss due to inadequate RH environment. Weight loss during storage means loss in product value. 

Applications also include monitoring of process/manufacture environments, HVAC systems within multi-level buildings or labs.

Durable, Reliable & Tamper Proof  - Temperature and Humidity recording where product life and product integrity are critical! 
32K non-volatile memory (16K Temperature and 16K Relative Humidity)

Calibrated temperature range is accurate to 0.2°C / 0.35°F and Relative Humidity to 3% RH (Logger Case temperature range is -25°C to +60°C or -13°F to +140°F)

3-Point Temperature and 2-Point RH Calibration built into logger:
• superior accuracy guarantee
• no need for corrections or complex calculations to be applied to downloaded data
• avoids human data entry errors, providing data integrity and peace of mind

Calibrated and corrected at 5-Points to ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory Standards
• traceable Calibration Certificate included

Compliance made easy with automated PDF report generation. Use speed-buttons from TRW software to:
• save as *.TR and/or *.PDF files
• export to MS Excel – part or all samples
• email
• print

Save time with Auto Mode (for batch programming):
• Start / Stop / Status display
• download/read recorded data
• save downloaded file as *.TR or *.PDF
• print file
• email file
• reuse logger

Fully welded food grade plastic case
• FDA approved
• recyclable

Case protection rating:
splashproof to IP56 or NEMA 4X

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TEMPRECORD Humidity & Temperature – Multi Use PDF

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